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Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction.

APC prides itself on customer satisfaction by producing quality products and exhibiting outstanding service. Our low maintenance, high quality panels deliver strength, durability, and provide stunning architectural detail to create a cost efficient building for customers.

Why Precast?

Precast is the perfect design for your next building. With its diverse textures and designs, your imagination becomes limitless with the use of panels. Precast panels are designed to be cost effective, durable, customizable, and energy efficient. With its low maintenance exterior, it provides substantial long-term savings while keeping its first-class condition. Precast panels also decrease water leakage and have superior fire resistance ratings; thus, adding safety value to buildings giving future owner’s a peace-of-mind. With its multi-layer construction, precast panels have a high thermal mass rating making it an energy efficient product unmatched by any other modern day material.


On July 14th, 2018, the Dyersville Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony to honor the opening of APC’s new building located in the West Industrial Park off Highway 20 in Dyersville. President of APC, Mike Decker, shared his appreciation towards the city and honored the dedication of his employees for allowing APC to continue its growth and proceed in its future endeavors. A short open house was hosted after where members of the community toured inside the plant. 

Explore Recent Work

Our most recent work showcases our modern designs and broad products. With the companies addition of double-T panels and pre-stressing capabilities, we are able to take on a wider range of projects. We have found success in designing these different panels and are excited to see what the future holds as we incorporate a variety of products to our existing line of structural and architectural panels.


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