Architectural Wall Panels

Precast architectural wall panels can be designed with the versatility of providing insulation, non-insulation, and cladding finishes. These wall panels offer a variety of aesthetic designs and provide structural versatility to meet your projects needs. The panels are versatile in design and can easily incorporate brick, tile, and other elegant colors and finishes to satisfy your design goals. This versatility is unmatched by any other construction product which is why this is our most popular product.

Prestressed Structural Panels

Prestressed structural wall panels are an inexpensive, strong, durable and cost efficient product. They come in a variety of widths, lengths, thicknesses, and an endless range of finishes. By replacing rebar with stressed cable, panels can be produced in a timely manner. Prestressed panels also have the option of being made with an insulating core ignorer to contain excess noise and assist in regulating thermal temperatures.

Double Tee Panels

Double Tee Panels are designed with extreme structural strength and durability in order to withstand excessive weight loads and weather. They are designed for parking ramps, industrial building walls and roofs, and gymnasiums. Double Tee panels are constructed through a mold base giving the product a quality design and structure. With its thin top design, it allows for quicker fabrication and erection in oder for you to speed up your building process.

Insulated Core Deck (ICD) Panels

APC’s ICD panels offer a variety of uses with its lightweight structure and strong foundation. Like hollowcore, it offers many of the same structural benfits such as the ability to be used for floors, roofs, and decks. APC offers 4′ and 6′ wide ICD panels. The ability to add 2′, compared to the standard 4′ hollowcore, cuts down the number of panels giving owners money back in their pocket. In addition to its versatile sizes, ICD panels are quick to produce due to its one layer pour and faster curing time.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks are great for residential and commercial projects. APC’s retaining wall blocks can be made in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes. Projects become limitless with the use of concrete retaining wall blocks.