Friday, August 28th, APC co-hosted a Drive-In Movie night with Decker Concrete, Inc. at the 20 West Industrial Park in Dyersville, Iowa. Employee’s, their families, and friends came out to the park and enjoyed watching the movie, The Sandlot. Prior to the start of the movie, guests enjoyed free ice cream, popcorn, and goodie-bags for the kids.

With summer coming to an end, President of APC, Mike Decker, wanted to host an event for families to enjoy before school started. He also wanted to recognize the growing success of companies in the industrial park while maintaining COVID-19 social distancing precautions. With last second planning, the movie turned out to be a hit! Approximately, 40 vehicles were parked at the movie averaging close to 100 people. APC plans to host the event again next year with more planning and advertising for the public.