Advanced Precast Company (APC)
concrete panel being errected

About Advanced Precast Company

Advanced Precast Company, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Michael Decker and a small group of investors. Decker, owner and operator of Decker Concrete, Inc. in Farley, Iowa, has been in the concrete industry for 20 years.

During the summer of 2007 a local businessman approached Decker Concrete about pouring tilt-up panels for a 34,000 sq ft manufacturing building. Decker agreed to the challenge and word spread around the local tri-state. Decker Concrete suddenly started receiving several inquiries from general contractors and developers interested in a precast wall panels.

In 2008, Decker found an indoor location, along with a small group of investers, and started Advanced Precast Company, Inc.

Advanced Precast Company now operates in a 60,000 sq ft facility located in Farley, Iowa. They engineer and design insulated wall panels with a variety of finishes, sizes and thicknesses.

Advanced Precast Company, Inc. prides itself on quality driven product and customer satisfaction.

Advanced Precast Company | 25011 Lehman Road | PO Box 133 | Farley, Iowa 52046 | P: 563-744-3909 | F: 563-744-3234


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